Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thank you Ali Edwards!

So who is a life artist? Do you take photos of your family, yourself, your environment, your world? Do you tell stories? Do you bring them all together onto paper, into your computer, onto a canvas (or some other cool concoction)? Do you create art journals with all kinds of wonderfully interesting pieces of your life and thoughts and emotions? Do you celebrate your life through your art?

You are a life artist.

I am a life artist.

- Ali Edwards

Well, some of you that scrap will know who Ali Edwards is and she's probably my fav scrap personality in that not only do I like her work, but I like her attitude about scrapping. So, I got her new book, Life Artist, a week or two ago and have flipped through, but it's been when I've been tired, or haven't had any time. Today I sat down with it for a few minutes before the kids were going down for naps and got totally inspired!

Anyway, after getting all inspired, I sat down with a picture I'd taken out a few days ago of George (not the newest one, but it was printed and handy!), my October kit from Scrapperie and a bit of stash stuff. I just started playing - without thinking about it and it's the most fun I've had scrapping in ages. I'm not sure I'd qualify this as my "best" work, but that's not the point and it doesn't matter! I had fun and it came together quickly, so that's the important thing. I also used what I had and didn't think..."Oh I could use ________". Who cares?! Now I just need to remember this process all the time when I scrap and it'll be more fun all the time!

Thanks again Ali...


Janet said...

Colleen...I'm soo glad you found your fun again. I think I'd like to check out Ali's Book!

Miss M! said...

I really like your page! I haven't seen Ali's new book, but I love love LOVED her last one, so maybe I should check it out!