Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sleep Changes

Well, it looks like my days of seeing this twice a day are over! Now I really can't complain because Nathan is a great sleeper, but in the last few days, he's messed up both his naps, so we're going to try going to one (hopefully long) nap in the afternoon. These pictures are from last week when I popped my head in to check on him and make sure he was sleeping and was he ever - he was OUT! I guess being that he's 22 months and is only now going to a nap a day, I really can't complain!

This is the new friend we have in the house. Kyle has been doing some of the cutest projects and fun stuff at preschool. This is something they did last week and it has grass seed in the top. The ideas is that it's sort of like a Chia pet and it'll grow "hair". The funny thing is that is really has already started to sprout, so I'll have to post another picture in a week or two once it's grown a little more.

Well, I wish I could say I got some scrapping done last night or some cards make, but it wouldn't be the truth. Honestly, I did some cleaning and then relaxed for a bit! Watched the "After the Final Rose" episode of the Bachelor and called it a night. Talk about an uncomfortable show! Brad trying to explain to 2 women he says he has feelings for that he just didn't want to take it any further and poor sad Deanna under the delusion that he was going to regret his decision and whisk her away. Boy, was she sorely disappointed - again! At least they did have the 2 couples on that have done well in this process to make it look good! Trista and Ryan with their new baby and Byron and Mary talking about getting married!!

Well, better get a move on here today! Need to get some laundry done and would like to get a few things purged since I'm sort of in purge mode here again though it's just hard to find the time with 3 kids around! Peter Walsh inspired me once again after seeing some of the Oprah last week with the woman that was hoarding. He makes so much sense to me every time I hear him and I just get so inspired to act after seeing him!

Not much going on here really. Other than laundry, Kyle needs to get to preschool and I have a preschool meeting tonight to go to! No scrapping here today by the looks of it unless I can do some when the kids nap this afternoon!


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