Sunday, November 18, 2007

My latest creation...

The patterned paper came from my most recent Scrapperie overstock kit called "Which Way Did He Go, George?" and the kit is fab!! You may not be able to see it, but there is also journaling all around the lighter cardstock about the things he's doing these days. This was inspired by the cover of the July/Aug 2006 Simple Scrapbooks.

Supplies: Cardstock is Bazzill (including the die cut lettering of the "u" and 22). Patterned paper is Reminisce. Stamp "@" is Making Memories with Lagoon Blue Versa Colour that was heat embossed. The rub-ons in the title are Creative Imaginations. Star is Making Memories. Misc brads and eyelets are Making Memories.

I did this layout for the second week of the monthly challenge going on at Scrapperie.

So this is my latest creation and it got me thinking about a couple of things!
1. Today I posted my supply list, but I often don't on my blog, do you appreciate it when people do or do you care?
2. How many of you use blogs to find inspiration and/or challenges?
3. Do you use GoogleReader (or something similar) to keep track of all the wonderful scrap blogs now? If not, how many to you read and how do you keep track of them?
4. What your current fav for a scrap blog?

For anyone that answers these before Wednesday night, I'll put your name into the random name generator and someone will get a little something in the mail from me!



Jennifer said...

Adorable LO and adorable photo as well!

1. I do enjoy when people blog about what supplies they used to do a layout. There have been many times that I've seen something I really like and it's so helpful to be able to read what it is!

2. I love looking at blogs for inspiration and I do it alllll the time.

3. I have all my favorite blogs bookmarked. There is a long list now!

4. Ohhh a single favorite blog would be hard to choose. I have SO many favs. :)

CAKVD said...

Awesome layout!!!
1. I usually don't care about the supply list unless it is something brand new and awesome!
2. I look at blogs A LOT - yes, I'm addicted!
3. I have a mental list of blogs I look at, and I subscribe to my favorites
4. I love Allison's Stampin When I Can
Cheryl KVD

Delia said...

1. For me, a list of supplies, when it from a lesser known company, is a saving grace. I find that what I like about a lot of LO's is the unusual touches and found items.. so saying that you found that "oh so cute" item from a non-scrapbook source/ little known company, really makes my day.
2. As I don't have access to the internet at home, I still tend to get my inspiration from mags and books.. But I do look at a few sites just about every (work) day.
3. I know this isn’t the best way, but I keep them in either a excel sheet/ "my fav's". Maybe the googlereader link will change my life...
4. Scrapscene, OLW, Red velvet, scrapjack... but 2peas is still the best place for me to start to find new inspiration.

Well, hope that’s all..

Shutterbug said...

1. Love seeing supply lists, though most of the time I can figure out what the card is made of on my own.
2. Love blogs for inspiration
3. I bookmark the ones that I read most often and when I often check the links on those to get to others.
4. I Love
love her lists.

HeyHeyPaula said...

1. I like it when the supplies are listed, especially colors because the picture is sometimes deceiving.

2. I'm addicted to blogs and check them daily for inspiration.

3. I use Google Reader to keep track of the blogs that I enjoy visiting.

4. It's hard to pick a favorite. I like Allison's Stampin' When I Can and Beate's Fresh & Fun.

Jan Scholl said...

1. If you use something unusual or hard to find, yes.
2. All the time-and cheaper than the lame magazines out there
3. yes, after getting so screwed up using Blitz and others like it
4. I mostly go to stamp blogs but some are both-too many to list are favs.

Cathy said...

Your layout is so cute!

1. I like it when the info is included. Sometimes there are items I might want to get, but have no idea what it is. Blogs do so much and I can understand if they don't have time to do it. You can always sent a message and ask.

2. Blogs are very inspiring to me and you get so many creative ideas.

3. I get alot of mine through email.

4. This is a very tough one.
I love Stampin When I Can, she is like the phone information center.
She is the queen of blog information center.

Thanks for a chance at your sweet mystery candy.

Susan Liles susiestampalot said...

i love your scrapbook page~i will have to run over to that website and take a look at the challenges!
1. i like to see the recipes
2. blogs are the bestest!!
3. i have not tried the google reader route yet. i subscribe to several and get them via emails and then there are my faves that i have bookmarked and check everyday! it's like a man reading the paper in the morning---i read my blogs as i drink my coffee!

Susan Liles susiestampalot said...

i accidently hit enter before i did #4!! please count both of these as one entry.
4. my favorite scrappy blog right now is ali edward's, or scrapscene!

scfranson said...

You have a great blog. I do like a supply list, it makes things easier to identify. I go to blogs all the time for inspiration, I love it. I don't use google reader, I just bookmark on my own the one's I like to visit over and over. I love Allison's Stamping When I Can because she lists blogs like yours that I didn't know were out there.

Amie said...

Thanks for the blog candy offer!
1. I don't keep supply lists (cuz I'm clueless that way) and I don't care if others do or don't
2. Occasionally I look to blogs for inspiration; mostly I look to magazines or galleries
3. Don't even know what that is!
4. I don't frequent many so I don't have a favorite! but I like

Darlene said...

Love the LO!

1. I like to see the supply list--I'm not real 'up' on what is new or not, so it helps me!

2. I love looking at blogs and yes I have used them for inspiration...

3. Never heard of googlereader. I read every blog on my blogroll and then I have some that I link thru others' blogs.

4. my current fave is my friend, Mel I love layouts and I love her! Another one I love is my paper world, she has awesome cards!

Elaine said...

I definitely appreciate the supply/ingredient list - please do it all the time! :)

I look for ideas, new products, and creative ways to use currently existing products.

I am subscribed to most of my favorite blogs

Allison's and Julie HRR are two of my top faves. Then Taylor, Ellen, and Pinefeather and Debbie Olsen...not in that order, but they are sooo consistently good!!

jp said...

Too cute! Love the layout!

1. Yep, I do appreciate the supply list...
2. Love reading blogs for inspiration and just for fun. Helps me feel connected to a world outside my little corner. :-)
3. I bookmark various blogs and try to visit regularly.
4. Favorites? Cathy Zielske's and Ali Edwards' blogs

Anonymous said...

1. Yes I am always wanting to know the recipe of a card, stamp, colour, company, ink, technique etc. Always appreciate it.

2. I get so much inspiration from seeing so many different ideas and lots of information. Incredible.

3. I have a very long list now coming into my email, some come on one blogroll, the rest are single. They come on feedblitz for the main part, and I cannot figure out how to lump them into one email, or separate them, or organize them!

4. I love rubberstamping/paper arts as a whole, be it scrappers, stamping cards, or making things out of paper (i.e. ornaments, iris folding etc.) I cannot pick one for artist alone, but appreciate Stamping When I can organization to check out new bloggers and tutorials and more.

Thank You! :)

Amy said...

Great blog!
1. I do like to know the supply list.
2. Blogs have been an AWESOME inspiration for me!!!
3. I bookmark blogs that catch my eye and go back to visit if they don't have an email list signup.
4. I don't scrap so my fav cardmaking has got to be Card Creme and Heartfelt Greetings, but it is hard to pick just one!!!

Linda SS said...

What a cute kid & cute scrapbook layout. I love the simplicity of it & colors.

1) I usually only check supplies if they used a stamp that I am interested in.

2) I LOVE blogs and am constantly browsing them and looking for new ones.

3) I have my favorites bookmarked so I visit regularly. I subscribe to a few thru feedblitz but prefer the bookmark method best.

4) Allison's blog is my favorite. I read hers daily to check out new bloggers, blog candy, and tutorials. About 75% of the blogs that I have discovered and have grown to love have been her leads:)