Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Rough morning...

OK, the good news is that I scrapped last night and had fun putting together this layout that came together very quickly. It was great to use a bunch of stuff in my stash that's been there for a while too. The topic made it a great layout to do too since we had such a fun evening on the deck that night having okonomiyaki with Masaki, Kayoko and Shihoko (friends from Japan).

My morning hasn't been so great though. The little ones are down for a nap (well, Sophia for a rest and Nathan for a nap) and I'm very thankful! Nathan has been to the naughty chair more times than I can count this morning for hitting. It's just not like him and I'm not sure what's up, but it's just not OK. The worst part was that he thumped Kyle in the head with a wooden spoon the kids had been playing with and went I went to cuddle him for a minute because he was crying, Nathan decided that was a good time to hit Sophia too. Trying hard to be patient and not lose my mind this morning!

Not too much going on here really. I have my foot all taped up since seeing the podiatrist on Monday. He does think I need orthotics, but I guess this is a little test. He taped it to simulate what orthotics would do and asked me to wear the tape for 3 days and then take it off for 3 and come back and see him. If there's improvement with the tape and things get worse again without, then I need the orthotics. I guess is things improve, which they have, and then don't get worse again, we talk about what happens then?? I have a sneaking suspicion that it's not going to be good once the tape comes off though!

2Peas Blogger Challenge for today is
When you are stuck and need some inspiration. Where do you turn?

I love the internet for inspiration because there are a few boards I like to check out as well as a few books that I love: The new 101 Things You Can Do With Your Scrapbooking Supplies and Ali Edwards' Designers Eye for Patterned Paper. I also go bak and refer to my Simple Scrapbooking Magazines and my DW calendar.

Scrapperie Blog Topic: Blog about how you feel about sketches when you scrap. Useful? Not? Why?
I do like to use sketches, but haven't used too many of late for some reason. There are so many sources for them now and they're so much fun to play with. has some great sketches and a ton of links to others a well! Think I need to get out a sketch again!

Better run for now and go do something with Kyle before the little ones wake up!

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Lynn said...

Wow... Those kids are in rare form today. Like the saying goes: "My mother said there would be days like this!". I hope things go back to normal very quickly for you. If you have the chance I say: Hot bathe, cup of nice hot tea, and some soothing music. That usually works for me.
The layout is wonderful! I love the idea of the smaller photos down the side. Awesome design.
Thanks for the tip on the book 101 things. I forgot about that book. I'm planning a trip to the book store this weekend so I'm going searching for 3-4 books. I'm adding that one to my list.