Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fun Project

Well, I was poking around online last night and checking blogs when I found this fun little project on Shirley Fyfe's. It's a little pillow gift package and she has the template and everything right on her blog, so I couldn't resist trying with some of the Paper Element paper that I got in my September Scrapperie Social Butterfly kit. I also used twine and gems from the kit and cut the butterfly from some Paper Element paper and inked it with Burnt Umber Palette ink (just for you Tara!). I'm afraid the pictures aren't great and them gems are actually all the same colour in real life, but you get the idea. It was fun and didn't take that long either. The only thing I would add to her directions (which are great) is that I did my scoring on a mouse pad and that worked fabulously!

Not too much going on here today really. I made a boo boo this morning though when I thought I worked a shorter day that I was supposed to! I thought I was on 11-4 and I was actually on 10:45-5:30 - OOPS! I was only 5 minutes late though I thought I was 10 minutes early... It was steady all day with the sale on, but not crazy.

Came home, had dinner, got the kids ready for bed and here I am with a cup of coffee. Was thinking I'd scrap a bit, but not sure I have the inspiration right now. Might catch up on the couple of shows I have taped from earlier this week instead.

Scrapperie Blog Topic: Blog about what you're looking forward to in October!
I love the changing weather in October. The falling leaves, fresh air, and, yes, even the rain. We often try to get out to see the salmon spawning at the fish hatchery and this is a fun day that I always look forward to. I also love Thanksgiving (Oct 8th here this year) and there's Halloween of course as well.

Today's 2Peas Blog Challenge~ Do you make Halloween cards? If so share some of your work.
I actually don't usually do Halloween cards, but might try a few this year since I got a kit of Making Memories Halloween stuff that I want to play with!

Hope everyone has a good week!


Lynn said...

Love your project! Great colors and love that butterfly.
I hate when I get confused as to what time I have to be somewhere. I always try to be early (if dh is going that means we will be late by at least 30 mins.) I'm glad everything worked out though.
I didn't realize that Thanksgiving was so early there. Is it always in October? That is something interesting to know.
It sounds like you have a busy October around there. We usually do also but celebrating Birthdays!
Have a great day!

Linda said...

Your project is so pretty! Thanks for posting a link to the other blog.

toners said...

Your project looks great! I love all the little details. Have a fantastic Monday!

Shirley Fyfe said...

Hi Colleen! Thanks so much for trying out my instructions to make my 'Pillow Gift Package'. Your one looks great . . . I love the little butterfly and the gems add a lovely finishing touch too!