Saturday, September 29, 2007

Design Team Layouts

I finally managed to get some design team layouts finished and posted after getting my Scrapperie Social Butterfly kit on Monday. It was a crazy week and it took me almost a week to be able to get to it what with working a couple of nights this week and my foot still not being good. Also had Christy here for a visit, but more about that in a bit!

I had fun doing some pictures of Tracy and Sophia and I'm going to give them to Tracy for Sophia's book. The second picture is just a close-up of the masking I did with the Heidi Swapp butterfly mask that I used from the kit. I added gems to the masking afterwards as well and was happy with the result! The second layout is another one of me as a kid and is just about how much I always loved the first day of school. I also did a couple of cards with the kit goodies that were inspired by Card Creations 5 - love this magazine!

So, as for our crazy week...Monday was a lot of running around since I took George to work and kept the car so I could take Kyle to preschool. I also got to the doctor about my foot and had my diagnosis confirmed - plantar faciitis. He gave me some strong pain killers/anti-inflammatories and referred me to a podiatrist, so I'm going there this coming Monday!

Tues zipped by with miscellaneous things happening and Sophia being here of course. Mum came over on Wednesday and I managed to get some extra cleaning done and we got Kyle to his teddy bear picnic at preschool that he was so excited about. I worked that night and it's been busy this week because of the sale that's going on.

Thursday was crazy because I needed to finish getting a few things done around here and get ready for mum and Christy (my aunt) coming in the afternoon. It was really great to have a visit with her! Mum picked her up from the ferry and she was here for a late lunch and a really good chat. I only wish we could see her more often now, but it's not that easy with her being on the other side of the country! It just seemed like the visit wasn't quite long enough... I also got a great massage for my back that gives me grief from time to time.

Friday was one of those days where you need to remind yourself to be thankful for the little things! Nathan and Sophia seemed to go at it all day. Whatever he had, she wanted and vice versa. When he didn't get what he wanted, he'd scream and when she didn't get what she wanted, she'd cry. It was a long day and I was happy to be working last night just to get out of the house. It was especially fun though because Tracy and a few other mums from my mum's group were scrapping at the store!

I didn't have to work today, so my plan was to sleep in, but that didn't quite happen. I woke up to an empty bed and to see Kyle running into the living room from that bathroom seemingly whispering something to George. Sure enough, I go in the living room and the 2 of them are sleeping on the floor. The only thing was that the reason for the impromptu camp-out was an "accident" in the middle of the night. Being half asleep, I think George thought that was easier than finding new stuff and remaking the bed!

We did a few errands and I got some scrapping in today though, so it was a good day! Nothing too crazy busy, but nice on a day that both George and I are off. George took Monday off too, but it's because I have a crazy day with appts and preschool duty, so he's staying home to help out more than anything! I work tomorrow, so it's boys day in our house!

Well, better run for now! Have a fabulous Sunday!


Shirley Fyfe said...

Love what you did with the butterflies!

Maureen said...

cute work with the butterflies.

Hope your foot starts to feel better for you soon

Teresa Loop said...

Lovely work! Hope you feel better soon!

Lynn said...

I just love the layouts! That butterfly paper is wonderful.
I'm glad that you got to the dr and he is sending you on to the specialist. I was at the podiatrist on Tuesday myself. I hope you start to get better soon.
It sure sounds like you had a very hectic week! Glad to hear that you were able to relax a little in the end.
Hope you enjoy your Sunday!

Samm said...

Hope you feel better soon!!!{{{hugs}}}

Love these though, make's me want to have a go with my mask now!


Tracy said...

Thanks so much for the layout! It's beautiful. Can't wait to put it in Sophia's book.

Noelia said...

Love all your DT pages and projects!
I recently used those Heidi Swapp masks because I had never tried them before and now I love them so much!

Tina said...

Cute layouts! Love the mask!