Monday, September 24, 2007

Great Mail Day!

This is what arrived on my doorstep at about 10:30 this morning finally! Most of the others got theirs a week ago, but they were in the States and it took a while to clear customs and everything! This is my first Design Team kit for Scrapperie and I'm so excited! Can't wait to get at it and create something with all the yummy paper in here as well as everything else!

Other than that, it was just a crazy busy day! I took George to work, so the boys and I were up early doing that. We stopped at Tim's on the way home and took Tracy a coffee and had a visit with her and Sophia before we got Nathan home for his nap. Then it was a rush up to see the doctor about my foot and all the sinus pressure I've been having. My guess was right in that I do have plantar faciitis and he's sending me to a podiatrist which is, of course, not covered by medical because, hey, walking's not important! I'm also now on a nasal spray to try and clear up my sinuses before I do develop an infection.

In all that, I also managed to get the kids some lunch (OK, so I admit to going to McDonald's for grilled cheese sandwiches) and then getting Kyle off to preschool. I got Nathan home for another short nap, but noticed he appeared to be having a little allergic reaction to something though I'm not really sure what. I was wondering if it was the hand sanitizer I used on him after playing in the doctor's office. I don't usually use that stuff, but all the sick kids playing in their freaks me out and makes me think mine are going to end up with all that. Not sure, but it didn't seem to last long. He wasn't happy when I had to wake him up to go and pick up Kyle though and the rest of the day was a series of little meltdowns because he was tired.

We picked up George and came home for dinner. The final straw was when George left with Kyle to go and get a few groceries and Nathan realized he wasn't going (too close to bedtime). I had to fight him to get him changed and every time I'd get him settled by reading or singing, he'd start again. He finally climbed out of my lap and asked to go to bed. Fair enough! We brushed his teeth and off he went!

It's nice now that they're both in bed and we have a little quiet time though. George is watching his show and I'm going to watch The Bachelor later. Or maybe I'll tape it since it's on later and then I can zap through the boring bits! Need to go take my medicine and make sure I get some sleep so I can deal with the three kids tomorrow and hopefully get some scrapping done with all my new goodies!

Scrapperie Blog Topic: Blog about something you're looking forward to in terms of your scrapping!
I can't wait to break into that kit and I also have that book of Kyle's that I want/need to make and think it'll be fun once I get the board cut for it!

Today's 2Peas Blog Challenge~
What do you do to calm yourself down when your very upset or stressed out?

I often find a long, hot bath to be my best remedy in this situation, but sometimes I also find it better to talk it out with someone depending on the situation and that somehow makes it better even if it isn't resolved.

Well, better run for now!


Monica M said...

Hey Colleen - I just ordered that kit yesterday too, and I'm super excited for it to come!

Shirley said...

Lucky you! Looks like an awesome kit! Can't wait to see what you do with these goodies!

Dana said...

Don't ya just love a good mail day@@@ Dana

Teresa Loop said...

WOW! That is more than just a good mail day! Holy smokes. I'll look forward to seeing what you make with it!

Theresa said...

Great mail day! Can't wait to see what you make.

toners said...

Ooooh, it looks awesome! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!