Sunday, September 23, 2007

A quiet Sunday...

Well, I back again finally and have managed to get a couple more layouts posted! These are both inspired by Kisha (kikibug) at Scrapper's Daily Dose. I had fun doing them! The picture of Kyle's hand on mine was taken when I was trying to get a picture of my bracelet for something else and he wanted to hold my hand. I decided to do a layout about the expression "always always" that I say to him and what it means. The other is just about how Kyle poses all the time when I try and take pictures these days!

Not too much new going on around here really. I worked yesterday and will again a little later today! That means that's about it for the day because I'm generally too tired to do much when I get home even though I feel inspired after working at Precious Memories all day and seeing all the scrapbooking stuff around me!

I'm having some problems with my foot again as well. I've had plantar faciitis from time to time, but this time it's really bad and it's not going away! I've been trying to take care of it, but think I might have to go to the doctor and see about getting orthotics - not my idea of fun! I can't say I'm surprised though considering how flat my feet are! I think it was a matter of time. I just want to be able to walk! I need to to get Kyle back and forth to preschool and for work. I also want to be getting more exercise to be able to lose some more weight and it's not happening right now.

Today's 2Peas Blogger Challenge~ With the holidays being close. Do you have a scrapbooking wish list started? If so whats on it.
I don't really have anything that I want in the way or scrapping stuff right now to be honest. I have enough to scrap for more than a little while. The only thing I'd like is a gift certificate to get some more new paper as they come out!!

Well, guess I'd better be off to get a few things done this morning. It's George's turn to sleep in, so I'm up with the boys! Nathan is having a good sleep though and still isn't up!



Leslie said...

Hi Colleen! Just wanted to say thank you for the kit! It arrived awhile back but I've been sick with the flu then bronchitis so I haven't had a chance to use it yet. Love the colors and hopefully once my toddler gets over his cold I may have time to scrap again.

Sorry to hear you have plantar faciitis. Not fun. Stretch. Stretch. Stretch! (Sorry... I'm a physical therapist so that's the PT in me talking :) And footwear with good arch support is a must. My husband is a runner and he's been plagued with this for years. It's good to hear that your doctor knows about it. Early intervention is key. Good luck! Great layouts! leslie

toners said...

I looooove gift certificates for my LSS....and the time to browse!

Noelia said...

I love quiet Sundays too.
Your pages are beautiful! Love the clean look.
Hope you feel better soon. Maybe you could buy some padded mats for the areas where you stand the most like in front of the stove while cooking, or in front of the sink while doing dishes etc. My last issue of Martha Stewart had a DIY for these little mats, It's probably on her website too. HTH.