Friday, August 21, 2009

A Boy and his Bricks

Yes, this is Nathan having a nap in our bed yesterday though it could be almost any nap or any night time sleep. He loves these big bricks that his Opa and Grandma gave him and along with his fleece blankie (great for the summer!) and his Rufus the dog stuffed animal, they must be in bed with him at all times. He generally plays with them for a bit before he falls asleep and then he packs them out of bed again after his nap. Sophia isn't really allowed to play with them either or he gets quite irrate sometimes. It's just so cute how attached he's become to these.
Had a nice visit this morning with Tracy and the kids. She needed to ship out and get something quick around lunch, so I gave her some money and she picked up Happy Meals with Lego toys in them for the kids. She told Kyle they were out of the Lego and only had girl toys and he was so disappointed that I thought he was going to cry! I quickly pulled one out of a bag to show him she was joking before we had a breakdown!
Nathan is having another nap this afternoon here, so Kyle and I had a little quiet time and I now need to go and get ready for work here too as I'm on for my usual Friday night shift once George is home from work.
We're going to play mini golf tomorrow because we promised Kyle after trying to get there last weekend and having it not work out. A day off for all of us though George does have a long overdue dentist appt! He's going to go start seeing my dentist, so he has an intro appt. and check-up, but has to wait for a cleaning for a little longer - busy hygenists!
OK, better get moving here! Have a fabulous weekend!

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Megan A. said...

omg that is hilarious! great picture too, love the way the blocks are sorta wrapped in blankets.