Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

This is a Thursday Thirteen post and I decided that since I have been feeling very blessed in my life even though things are by no means perfect (and maybe that's why I'm extra thankful for these things) that I should put them in writing!

Things to be thankful for though not necessarily in any particular order...
1. my wonderful boys and George
2. my family
3. that my mum is a fighter and cancer survivor - this has been brought home to me in a few ways recently
4. being able to stay home with the boys (and help out Tracy and Brian a little in the process)
5. that we're healthy
6. that we have a home we love
7. that I have a hobby I love and that George and the boys tolerate all the picture taking and scrapbooking!
8. that I've found a part-time job I really, truly enjoy
9. that I'm teaching again because it's fun!
10. that there's still a lot to learn in this life
11. that I have made some wonderful friends both in person and online
12. coffee, especially my morning coffee with vanilla creamer!
13. my life experiences that have brought me here...

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Kim said...

you are indeed blessed!