Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Anniversary Tracy and Brian!

Just wanted to wish my sister, Tracy, and my brother-in-law, Brian, a very Happy 5th Anniversary! This is the quickie card I whipped up this afternoon and I hope they like it!

It was quite the morning around here with Nathan having a couple of full-on meltdowns which isn't like him! Think he was tired and maybe on the edge of a bug or something since he's a little sniffly though not bad. My plan this morning was to go to the park, but I passed on that after Nathan was so miserable. It was so bad at point that I gave Kyle permission for the first time to go in his room to play Lego and lock the door to his room! Nathan just thought that meant it was time to kick the door. Oh well, he napped and all seems to be well again!

I'll be watching Big Brother tonight to see who gets booted and more importantly, who ends up HOH this week! The funny thing is that it'll be someone who hasn't been in that postition yet! Who do you think will go? Who are your favs to win now?

I need to get some work done on some upcoming classes as well, so let's hope inspiration hits tonight! Lots of Christmas cards coming!


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