Monday, February 20, 2006

Does your face light up?

"When your kids walk in the room, does your face light up?"
- Toni Morrison

I was watching Oprah today and they were talking about guests that had written her about being impacted by someone on her show at some time. I hadn't originally seen the one with Toni Morrison, but what she said made absolute sense and it is something I make an effort (though most of the time I don't need to) to do. The intersting thing too was that the person who'd written the show about her was a biker guy with tattoos and he said he was surprisingly affected by what Toni Morrison had said.

What she was talking about was how important it is for your face to light up when you see your kids. Her comment was something to the effect that it doesn't matter what you say, but also how you show it. It really doesn't take much to make my face light up when I see Kyle simply because he is such a joy and generally such a good little guy. He has a wonderful calm disposition most of the time and then sometimes he's just 2 and that's fine too!

Nathan makes me smile when I look at him just because he's so "new" and wonderful to look at. Plus, he has that wonderful baby smell! I have to admit that at 3am when he's crying and I don't know why, I might not have a smile on my face, but those moments are part of being a parent of a newborn and they don't last long. I constantly try and remind myself that even though I may be tired, I still need to cuddle him and enjoy it because he'll be Kyle's age before I know it.

I hope both of my boys always know that they make me light up!

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Becky said...

That's adorable! My face usually lights up, I think the only exception is when they have poop in their hands! Well, I guess it does light up, just in a different way!