Monday, February 27, 2006

My Guilty Pleasure

OK. OK. I admit it... I'm addicted to reality TV. It's funny that this was posted as a journaling challenge today because just yesterday I had a funny conversation with my sister about reality TV. There was some commercial for one of the shows that's on now and she said (with great disdain) something like "Who watches that stuff anyway?". I'm sitting there quietly thinking: ME!

I have to admit to watching almost any reality TV that comes on. If you can name it, I've probably seen at least some of it! My favs are probably Big Brother, The Amazing Race and Survivor, but I watch many, many more! They are like train wrecks - you don't want to watch, but somehow you find yourself peeking.

If I were ever to be on one, I think it would have to be The Amazing Race. A friend I met at work, Damyn, and I discussed this ages ago and thought we would make a good team as we balance each other off. He's a little crazier and I'm a little more logical and grounded. I think we would work well under the pressure together and since we spent so many years working together in some stressful situations, we know how the other reacts to things. I LOVE traveling and just think it would be so much fun to be able to have that once in a lifetime opportunity! And hopefully we'd win a leg or two of the race and win trips to be able to enjoy some of those places under more relaxing circumstances!

Oh well, I've admitted it and will most definitely enjoy the season finale of The Bachelor tonight!!



Michelle W. said...

hi Colleen, that's so cool you could be on Amazing race. I don't think I could survive on that show a minute!

tracie said...

I am reality tv junkie.
I watch anything that is reality tv. It drives my husband crazy..LOL

have a great day