Thursday, February 16, 2006

A first - for me!

Nathan was scheduled for an ultrasound this morning and it was the first time that I would have to try and get the three of us out of the house by myself. The best part was that his appointment was at 7:45am, so we had to get at it early. I made sure that I was up by 6am and started getting myself ready and got Kyle some breakfast while I was doing that. Then, it was on to getting Kyle dressed and ready to go and I didn't even get any complaints about that! Nathan thankfully woke up about the time I would have had to wake him up to "eat", so I changed him and nursed him for a bit.

I got the bag ready and took that out to the car. Then it was back into the house to get jackets and shoes on Kyle and I and get Nathan's jacket on and then get him buckled into his seat. All of this seemed to go without a hitch and by the time I got us into the car and we were ready to go, it was 7:13am. My goal had been 7:15, so I was more than happy!

We got to the hospital and then it took me a minute to figure out the logistics of getting the kids and I out and ready to go without anyone getting hurt! I'm afraid Kyle gets out last now since he's the one that could get hurt most easily. I got out the stroller and put the bag in it and then Nathan went in. I grabbed my purse and unbuckled Kyle and we were on our way after making sure all the car doors were locked!

The renal ultrasound didn't take very long and we certainly didn't have to wait long either. There were even some toys on the wall for Kyle to play with and I had taken a new snack that he likes - raisins - so that kept him happy. Even when Nathan was having his ultrasound done, Kyle was really good! The tech gave him a Bob the Builder sticker and he was happy about that, so between that and the raisins, we did very well.

We ended up getting home around 9am. Even though it was still fairly early in the morning, I felt like I'd put in a full day. Being busy early combined with the lack of sleep had about worn me out already! I think Kyle was tired too as he wanted to go to bed about 11am too, but I'm holding off until after lunch!

Better go get Nathan since it sounds like he just woke up from a litle nap!

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