Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Must. Get. Out.

I was having a relaxing morning with the boys and was thinking maybe we would just have a "pj day" and stay at home and relax. I was having my coffee, Kyle was playing on the computer and Nathan was gazing into neverland as I talked to him. Everything seemed so calm and relaxing that there didn't seem to be any need to get everyone dressed and "pile" everyone into the car.

By about 10am though, not only was Kyle starting to get a bit antsy, but so was I! It's so funny because I know how important getting out is for me, but I sometimes forget and am quickly reminded. The fact that I have 2 kids to get ready now rather than one doesn't really make that much difference. Yes, it takes a little longer, but getting out and seeing people and doing something is just as important for me now as it was when I made the promise to myself after I had Kyle about getting out and about.

I got myself dressed and Kyle ready. He was more than anxious to get out! We bundled up Nathan and off we were! We just went up to the drugstore to get a couple of things I needed and it wasn't anything exciting, but it was out of the house! Kyle also got lucky because he asked to go see all the "music" (TVs, stereos, etc) and I happened to see a Wiggles video. Yes, I did cave and get it for him, but he was so excited and it's not like I don't think he'll ever watch it! The question is more like how quickly will I get sick of it! (As a matter of fact he cried and had a little tantrum when I told him it was time to turn it off for his nap!)

Kyle also asked for a "cheese sandwich" (which means a ham and cheese bunwich) when he saw the Subway sign. We stopped and got him his sandwich and he charmed the women in the shop while we were there as usual! He's such a little cutie and so polite that everyone loves him everywhere we go! What a boy! I'm afraid of what'll happen when he a teenager if he's this charming now!

Tomorrow the three of us are going to visit some friends and Kyle is quite excited about being able to play with the other kids his age. Then, on Friday, Grandma is coming out here on the Skytrain to pick up Kyle and he's going to spend the day visiting her and Opa and maybe take a trip up to see Opi since he's been asking about him. Don't know what I'll do with myself! Maybe I'll get some scrapping in while Nathan naps and maybe even get a nap in myself!

As I said, today's trip wasn't an exciting one, but we got out and enjoyed it! It made me feel better just to get dressed and out of the house!

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