Saturday, February 11, 2006

Who knew family pictures would involve firefighters?!

Nathan was 4 weeks old yesterday, so I had arranged to have family pictures taken at Sears. When Kyle was the same age, we did the same thing and I would like to try and make sure we do the same and don't fall into the dreaded "second child with no pictures" syndrome.

We managed to get out of the house in good time and get there with time to spare. We made our list of pictures that we wanted in the car on the way because we did want a fair number of different variations. We got in and started with some pictures of just Nathan and they went pretty well. The next ones were of both boys and I was surprised when Kyle didn't really want to have his pictures taken because he'd always been so good before whenever we'd taken him and that was including the Christmas pictures we did at the end of November. We told him that we'd stop for Tim bits on the way home and that seemed to help.

There was only one girl working, so when people came in to pick up pictures she also had to do that. Of course, Sears is doing there usual thing where they print extra pics for you and when you pick yours up, they offer them to you for more money! There were two families in a row that came in to get pictures, so we ended up sort of waiting around. As we were waiting, the fire alarm started to go, but it wasn't a straight sounding bell - it was sort of wonky. The girl said we didn't need to leave.

By this point, Nathan was getting a bit hungry, so I went in a little room and nursed him for a minute. As I was coming out, we were told we all needed to leave the building, so we picked up our stuff and headed out.

There were two fire engines outside and Kyle was quite excited. I was putting on Nathan's jacket and sorting him out and when I turned around, Kyle and Daddy were talking to one of the firemen and looking at the truck. I walked over and Kyle had already been given stickers and a pencil. The fireman offered to let Kyle in the truck, but he heard the radio in there and got a little scared. We chatted a bit and then went for a bit of a walk.

We came back to the Sears door and there were a bunch of firemen just inside the door and one of them saw Kyle's face light up when he saw all of them. He came outside and started chatting with Kyle. He again offered to let him in the truck, but Kyle still wasn't interested. The cool thing was that he showed Kyle his mask and even put it on to show Kyle that he shouldn't be scared and was talking to Kyle about it the whole time. A really nice guy and "hot" to boot!

They were finally finished with whatever was going on inside and we headed back in to finish our pictures. I was surprised that both Nathan and Kyle were still pretty good and we got some good shots. Mind you, we had to wait again for someone picking up pictures as well. After being there over two hours and spending more money than we wanted (of course), we headed home with our promised stop at Tim's for bits.

An eventful evening!

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ScrappingMomof3 said...

Ahhh, the portrait days . . . I'm glad that it worked out okay for you, even with the excitement in between. We're down to only taking annual portraits, but yikes, I've not gotten them done yet from June, August, and November of last year . . . I guess I should go quickly, so I at least have something, huh? Thanks for the reminder!