Sunday, January 06, 2008

The first weekend of '08 over already!

I don't now where the time goes sometimes that's for sure! Here I could just swear it was Friday night and we're at Sunday again already. A week from today Nathan will be 2!

January 6th Photo of the Day

Some of you may recognize this little fellow from a couple of months ago when I posted a picture the day we brought him home. He's one of Kyle's school projects and the idea was that if you watered him, he would grow hair because he has grass seed on the top of his head. Well, he did and I unfortunately did get a picture of him when his hair was all nice and healthy. Now, he just looks like a wizened, wise old man, but at least he still has the smile! Here's the original picture of him below in his younger days!

Well, not much happened here today only because I worked all day! George was, of course, home with the boys and got the tree taken down and a few chores done, but that's about it for our day. I did watch Desperate Housewives tonight and it was quite good.

2PEAS Blogger Challenge~ Do you try to get current pictures of yourself by doing a self photo shoot or having someone take them of you? If you have recently taken some new photos share with us.

I have to admit to now being the best about doing this because I really don't like having my picture taken - like so many other people! I do know it's important for my boys to see pictures of me though, so I'm at least better about getting other people to take a few pictures now. I can't say I have any recent ones of just me, but I should ask my mum to come and do some again.

A couple of years ago, my mum and I did a little "photo shoot" for each other for pictures to give my husband and dad for Valentine's day! Hmmm...that's coming up again isn't it?! I think I should ask her to do the same thing again and have her take some of the boys and I as well!

I guess I'll finish off with a card here that I did with some scraps that were on my desk! Liked the design until Nathan wiped out and I dropped my ink pad on the corner trying to see what happened! I did a little on the opposite corner to try and hide it too, but it didn't really work. Think I'll use the design again though! (Sorry for the blurry picture!)

George thankfully has tomorrow off too, so he can stay at home while I go do my duty day for preschool. Not much else on the go for tomorrow other than that and some chores - fun! Hope to scrap a little too!



Aimeslee said...

Wow, Colleen, you worked those scraps miraculously! And, what mistake? Ya cannot tell, girl. Ouch to you for reminding me a week has already passed in 2008, yikes!

ShirleyFyfe said...

Great card! The colours are lovely!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

What a cute school project and adorable card!

jill said...

What a fun school project. Photo shoot for Valentine's Day...great idea! Love the card.

Sarah C. said...

Beautiful card! Amazing how fast time flies. Hope you all have a good Monday! :)

Linda said...

I think your card is pretty and I think it looks great with the inked corners. Fun school project too.

Megan A. said...

the card is cute, even with the smudge. the school project - cool but kinda scary - lol!

Rachael said...

Oh my, he's so cute!!! :)

BEautiful card too!

Janet said...

Colleen...I soo love the card. And hey...where is the tag blog challenge thingy? And that grass guy...what a cutie!

Marie said...

hahaha that lil guy is funny looking! Love it! Great card!