Friday, January 04, 2008

P.S. I Love You...

I should start by saying that it's been ages since I've been to a movie! My friend, Laurel, has asked a few times lately, but it just hasn't worked out, so when it did last night and we decided to go see something I'd been wanting to see, P.S. I Love You, I was looking forward to it.

I was smart enough not to go and look at the reviews at Rotten Tomatoes because I figured this would be the kind of movie that reviewers wouldn't like anyway and I was going to make my own mind up.
My Verdict - P.S. I Loved It!

OK, so it's not going to win an Academy Awards, but it was a great combination of love, fun, tears, laughs, and sorrow. The people in it were great and what's not to like when you've got Gerard Butler and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who was Denny on Grey's Anatomy) to look at! I've always like Hillary Swank and though this was a little bit different role for her, I liked her in it. I think that it was good that I only knew the basic premise though and hadn't heard much else.

I will recommend taking some Kleenex though as there are some really sad moments. All I wanted to do was come home and give George a huge hug! It's a movie that reminds you of what you've got and to be thankful for it every day because you never know what life has in store for you.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and gets out to see a movie! I'd love to hear about anything you've seen that you'd recommend!



Sarah C. said...

Glad you enjoyed it! I avoid reviews at all costs. Usually, my opinion differs. ;) Personally, I really enjoyed seeing National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Good movie w/ a bit of thinking (I like that) and w/o major blood, guts and gore (which I can happily do without!).

Ryzmomplus2 said...

See Jeffrey Dean Morgan is why I wanted to see that movie! Love that picture you posted of him too. I seen the reviews and wasn't sure if I should go see it, now I think I will!

Theresa said...

I'll rent it when it comes out. Wow love that photo of Denny!

Swell said...

great review! i wanna see that one!

Christina said...

Sounds like a great movie, Col! So glad you got a chance to get out with your friend. I'm definitely gonna add that movie to my list of 'must watch'! ;)

My Paper World said...

Im glad that you had a great time!
Enjoy your weekend xx

Trish said...

I so love that photo of Jeffrey Dean Morgan you put up! He had my heart on Grey's, and I LOVE him!

Thanks for the review--I want to see that one!