Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Look Who's 2!

It's soooo hard to believe that my "baby" was 2 on Sunday! I keep telling people that I feel like I blinked and he was 2! I know everyone says that you need to treasure every moment no matter whether or not you feel like some days you're going to pull your hair out because they really do grow oh so quickly. I guess part of it for me with Nathan is also knowing that there won't be another little one after him...
He's a going concern this little man and quite a bit different than his brother I would say at this point. I think there's more of me in him where there's more of George in Kyle maybe. Just a bit of what he's up to these days would be -
  • jumping
  • running
  • wrestling with Kyle
  • building with blocks
  • The Wiggles
  • pretty much any and all food though it's better off someone else's plate apparently
  • talking all the time
  • cuddling
  • his blankie (we call him Linus sometimes!)
  • colouring
  • books
  • cars

Well, that's a quick off the top of my head list, but he's a busy one! He's also spend his life outside given the chance so the winter weather (meaning rain) isn't great for him. He does seem to like the snow though too.

Just as a little comparison, here are a couple of pictures from his first birthday!

I can only imagine what the next year will bring. And I have to say that I'm very thankful that I've been able to be at home with my boys and be at home for this fun year since I was working when Kyle was this age!



Lida said...

Happy Birthday to your little guy, he looks so cute

YMBD said...

Love the chocolate face! Happy Birthday!

Megan A. said...

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Theresa said...

Happy belated birthday to your DS. Love those cute photos.