Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bog Walk

Well, we finally managed to get out for one of our Sunday walks again! George had a great suggestion this afternoon of getting out for a walk after Nathan's nap, so that's exactly what we did. We popped into Tim's for a coffee on the way and then headed down to the Bog. Unfortunately, when we got there, we realized that the front tire of the double stroller was pretty flat and didn't really want Kyle to ride in it. We weren't sure how far we were going to go, but once we got one the "bridge" as Kyle calls it (a wooden walkway) that goes around it, he wasn't stopping. He walked the whole thing!

Nathan's not much for sitting in the stroller anymore either, so it was fun trying to keep him occupied. George was pushing for most of the walk, so he was busy singing songs and things to keep Nathan happy. Towards the end, we got him out and carried him for a bit to make him happy and Kyle did get in the stroller for the last little bit and that was fine.

I have to say that though it was a really nice walk, the boardwalk was slippery! There's a metal grate thing covering part of it, so we walked on that and it was fine. For a while, kyle was walking on it and I was holding his hand and walking on the slippery part. After sliding a bit twice, I decided I needed to walk on the grate because I could catch him if he slipped, but we were both going down if I did! He had one good slip, but I caught him! He wanted to run on part of it and I had to sadly tell him it was just too slippery for his "Speedboost" that he likes to do!

A wonderful afternoon spent together! Hope everyone had a great weekend and here's to a fabulous week!

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