Monday, March 26, 2007

A busy Monday!

OK, so we'll start off with the fact that I had planned to take pictures today and that never happened! Maybe tomorrow... Today was the first day that I had Sophia here and it was also the first day that we walked Kyle to preschool. Needless to say, it was a logistical puzzle that still needs a little work, but we did quite well! Kyle got to school on time and we were back there to pick him up on time too.

Brian got here with Sophia at just after 7am. It was then that I quickly realized that I needed to get all 4 of us breakfast and all three of them dressed (I'd already had a shower and gotten ready) and be out the door by 8:45. Not really a problem, but being that this was out first day and I knew everything would take longer than I thought, I wanted to get on top of it. Got the little ones in high chairs with some Cheerios and then got Kyle some oatmeal. He sat in the kitchen with us and I got the kids their breakfast too. Didn't take too long, but feeding Sophia baby cereal and fruit is fun because she's really in that messy stage - roll up the sleeves and let her in there! Just a little while to wipe her down afterwards!

I actually put Nathan in the high chair that Tracy brought for Sophia because it has shoulder straps to help keep him in. I don't know what it is about our high chair, but he's like Houdini in it and can always seem to get out and likes to stand in it. Not a good idea in general and especially not when we have a very hard tile floor!

Anyway, we all got breakfast (even I got some oatmeal in!) and we got everyone dressed and were actually out the door on time. We had a really nice walk since it was a nice day and the two little ones seemed to like the ride in the stroller. It was funny to watch Sophia since she's never been in the double stroller. She was forever trying to touch Nathan's face, hold his hand and pull his hair. Nathan was very mellow about it and was sort of "Whatever!". I gave her the toys since she seemed interested in them (and Nathan never really is) and that seemed to help a bit.

We dropped Kyle off and school and headed back home. I put Nathan in bed as soon as we got in. Then, I tried to give Sophia a bottle, but she wasn't interested, so I laid her down. They had not quite an hour and a half to sleep before we'd have to go get Kyle. I know Sophia sometimes has trouble getting to sleep, but Nathan is generally out right away. Well, neither of them ended up sleeping!! That's the first time ever that Nathan's not had a morning nap.

So, I packed them up again (after getting Sophia a bottle and nathan a drink) and we were off for another walk to get Kyle. He had a fun day at school and was excited to tell me about the picture he made and about playing with the toys. Got home and then we were into lunch. That went well too and we got everyone cleaned up and I laid Sophia down first. Nathan went down fairly quickly after that and he was asleep shortly after his head hit the pillow. Sophia was up for quite a while afterwards and I think her teeth were bothering her because she was actually asleep and then woke up. I eventually called Tracy (who'd called here at lunch to see how things were going!), to make sure it was OK to give her some Tylenol and that seemed to help a bit though she still had a bit of a fitful rest.

Kyle and I made cookies together after the little ones went down. We went and laid down in his room and made up stories about being on Deal or No Deal since that's what he wanted and then it was "rest time". Sometimes he sleeps and sometimes he doesn't, but had had a full morning, so he was asleep shortly after.

I then had a few minutes to finally get some lunch in me and sit down for a few minutes. I thought I'd be smart and put the main part of our casserole dinner together quickly as well, so that I could have a longer break after that. Well, I'd just about finished when I heard Nathan awake after sleeping an hour and a half - perfect if he'd had a morning nap, but I thought he's sleep longer than that. I nursed hm and laid him down again thinking he'd go back to sleep - NOPE! My "break" was over! Sophia was finally really just getting to sleep shortly before this as well.

So, Nathan and I played while Sophia and Kyle slept. She got up after about an hour and a half as well. In the end, Kyle had the best nap since I woke him up after he'd slept 2 and a half hours!! Tracy was here a little before 5 and we were playing in the living room with the animals when she got here. All was good!

The amazing part is that I actually had dinner done shortly after that and we had a nice dinner together and then I went out for a bit to a card making class at work. Had a fun evening there making 10 thank you cards (I'll post some of them soon) and it was nice to get out too.

A successful day all around! And I have to say that even though it was busy, it was fun and the day went by pretty quickly with all that action! Day 2 tomorrow, but no preschool to contend with so maybe we'll get out to the park instead!


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Theresa said...

Great blog Colleen, feel like I was there with you on your adventures in babysitting (good older movie by that title if you haven't seen it)