Saturday, March 24, 2007

A rainy, quiet Saturday

Well, there's not too much going on here today. Kyle's music class is on "spring break" this week, so we don't even have that to do. I got to sleep in this morning (and George will tomorrow), so I feel great. Kyle came in at 9 and told me it was time to get up!

We might go and try and get a rain cover for the stroller today. We've decided that we're going to try going to one vehicle and that means I'll be out and about walking more with the kids in the rain! Kyle will still need to get to preschool whether we have the car or not! Nathan and Sophia can go in the stroller as long as it's covered and I got Kyle a rain jacket and umbrella yesterday. Nana recently splurged and got him some great Thomas rain boots, so he's got those, a Spiderman jacket and a Diego umbrella! The kid is a walking advertisement for kids shows!

Hopefully I'll get a little scrapbooking in tonight since I haven't been doing as much lately. I did get these two layouts done in the last week or so though.

These pictures are from Kyle's preschool skating thing a couple of weeks ago. George took the day off to be able to go and skate with him. Kyle was really excited about that and then they went and had a hot dog together after as well.

This is about the funny little ritual that George and I now have with his ring that I can't stop. He wears his ring on a chain since he can't wear it at work, but he puts it on if we go out as a family. I often end up taking it off his chain for him in the car and then sliding it in on his finger, but when I do, I have to say "With this ring, I thee wed" and now that I've been doing it for almost 5 years, I can't stop! Funny!

Well, better go see what everyone else is up to here and see about getting myself something to eat! Have a great Saturday!


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Jill said...

Pretty pages! And how sweet about the ring. Why can't he wear it at work? Good luck in the rain! Jill (pea Jill_Ilene)