Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer 2008

Wow, how quickly this summer came and went! And we're back to rain on the west coast again here that really is making it feel like fall and that it's time for back to school!

Here's a quick glimpse at our summer:
*our anniversary
*preschool graduation
*Kindergarten drop-in
*dinner at mum and dad's with a very pregnant Tracy, Brian and Sophia
*a trip to Science World
*2 weeks off for George
*Kyle's 5th birthday
*Canada Day celebrations including a night out for a concert and the fireworks for just George and I
*a day trip for the 2 of us to Victoria to see Butchart Gardens
*a visit to my Grandma on the island
*lunch with a couple of friends (2 of my old bosses)
*appt with the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist for Kyle and finding out he needed to have his adenoids and tonsils out
*lunch with Tracy, Sophia, my cousin Renee, and her little guy Mitchel
*big family picnic at the local park planned by mum and dad to get a chance to be together before Tracy had the baby
*Matthew's birth - welcome to the world Matthew! We'd been waiting for you!
*Kyle's surgery - followed by a couple of very looooong weeks of recovery!
*a night out on the deck doing S'mores
*Kyle getting a back to school haircut and Nathan going to the barber for the first time
*our first real "back to school" shopping

It's funny because when I thought about it, our summer hadn't seemed that busy, but when I look at that list, we did pretty well! We were hoping to go camping though and that just didn't seem to happen I'm afraid. We did have lots of fun out in the sprinkler and hanging out outside on nice days too and we had a stretch of about 3 weeks of nice weather at one point and a couple of hot spells, so not a bad summer at all!



Lily said...

I'm exhausted just reading that list! it seems like we did nothing htis summer but I bet if I listedit out it would look like something

Jackie said...

Yeah, it sure seems like you had an exciting summer. :)

Charleen said...

What a great list!

Heather said...

sorry to hear about the Ear Nose and Throat Dr. :-( I hope everything works out!

ellen said...

LOL! that was a quick glimpse, you guys must have been busy! but i feel the same way for sure.

i have to go check out those cards i see in the post below :)

Monica M said...

Sounds like you had a great summer, Colleen!