Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Today was the day!

**Warning - long post! Sorry!**

Well, some of you maybe already know, but we've had a some what sick little boy for a while. Kyle has had problems with his nose and breathing for a while now and we first though it was allergies and went for the testing and found nothing though they said we should come back and try again in 6 months. After the problem getting worse over the last year, I decided that I wanted to take him in again and see if we could get some more follow-up.

The local doctor that we take Kyle to has been absolutely fantastic and so on top of things. He sent us to an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialist after ordering an x-ray of Kyle's head that showed enlarged adenoids and tonsils. The local dr put Kyle on a nose spray that he said the ENT would want us to try and sure enough, when we went, we were good to go in terms of a plan of action because of all the preliminary work that was done.

The ENT doctor pretty much said that at this point, Kyle needed to have his adenoids and tonsils taken out. His breathing was about 90% blocked by his adenoids and his tonsils were large and causing problems from the other side for his breathing. We made plans and actually got in earlier than we thought for the surgery.

Today was the day! He ate last night at about 10pm because we knew he wouldn't be able to eat today. He had cereal and went to bed. I couldn't sleep with all of this going on (as well as for some fun and exciting scrappy news I'll save for another post!) and finally got to sleep about 3am. George got up with the boys and Kyle could have juice and water until about 10am, but was pretty upset about not being able to eat (and this was true off and on all day!).

Mum came to watch Nathan here and Sophia was here as well so Tracy could have a little time alone with Matthew since Brian went back to work today for the first time since Matthew was born (see previous post!). We headed off for the hospital just before noon and as I was getting into the car, found out the batteries in my camera were dead. Came back in for the other camera only to get to the car and find those one dead too! Not my day!

We got there about 2 hours before the surgery like they had asked and got Kyle checked in. They asked me some questions while George and Kyle played in a little outdoor area for the kids. They did all his vitals and then got him to change in to hospital garb. We went down to the waiting room and had a social worker come and talk to Kyle mostly about exactly what was going to happen and what he'd see and feel. She had lots of pictures to help him try and understand what would be happening. We had been reading books and talking about all this at home too, so it was good follow-up.

We thought we had about a 40 minute wait still, so I popped out to get a drink and for an ulterior motive - batteries! I managed to find some at the gift shop in the hospital and bought the last 4 she had, so we do have some pictures though they're on the camera that's at the hospital still.

We thought Kyle would go for surgery about 2:20 and we got called about 2:35. He wanted George to go in with him, so that's what happened. After they went, the nurse came and got me and took me to the room Kyle would be staying in. George was back within no more than about5 minutes. Said Kyle was lifting up his arm and moving around a bit as they were trying to put him under, but that it happened fast. About 30 minutes after George came back, we were taken over to the recovery area to wait until Kyle came out.

Honestly, this next 30-45 minutes was the worst. Kyle was so upset and inconsolable. It was so hard to watch because you wanted to help him, but it was just all the drugs wearing off and him sorting out where he was. He had his teddy and blankie and I think it helped a little along with us being there. We could only be in there one at a time, so we were switching on and off for that time until he was ready to go back to his room. When we got to his room, he asked me to lay down with him, so I did. He'd already had a popsicle in recovery and was into them again once he was in his room along with some juice and water. I was happy to see that and surprised it happened so quickly.

We just hung out and watched Shrek for a while. I popped out and Daddy laid down with him for a bit while I called Kyle's Nana and Grandma to let them know how he was doing. I went back in and was there until dinnertime when I thought I'd better come home and see Nathan for a bit and pick up a few things.

By the time I got home, mum had made dinner, cleaned the kitchen and even cleaned out my fridge! I told her she shouldn't have, but she said every time she went to sit down that she couldn't - nervous energy! I sure understand that! Thanks mum again for everything!

I had dinner here at home with her and then we picked up something for George for dinner and got Kyle and Nathan a Slurpee. Mum, Nathan and I headed up to the hospital for a little visit and were there another hour or so. Nathan got to play with Daddy and Nana and I got a Kyle visit. I was happy to see him in reasonably good spirits though still hungry since he couldn't eat anything still tonight! I know he'll be eating whatever they ordered for him on his breakfast tray!

We popped over to drop Nana off at Tracy and Brian's and Nathan and I came home since Kyle has to be in the hospital overnight and wanted Daddy to stay with him. I'm looking forward to seeing them both in the morning! And we're just hoping that after a week or so that Kyle will be feeling better and that this'll make a big difference for him and his general health in many ways!



Carla said...

Well, a tough day, for sure, but you've probably gone though the worst. Hope he's feeling much better today!! and I hope his breathing problems have been solved.

Megan A. said...

sounds like a long stressful day, but I bet you are really glad it is over! It will hopefully just keep getting easier from here!

that coming out of anesthesia part really stinks! glad to hear that he is doing better though!

Pat said...

Hugs to you sweetie & glad everything went ok . Just think how much better Kyle will be able to breathe now.

QueenTracy said...

WOW. Sounds stressful. Hope he's feeling better soon!

Heather said...

What a day! Sounds like you all did well. I hope his recovery is quick and he starts feeling well!

Lily said...

awww, poor little guy. I hoep by now he's on the mend. My little guy also had the same procedure done and he had anashesia issues also. He recovered pretty quickly though. Big hugs to both of you

Sarah C. said...

Sending a prayer for a quick recovery! And for rest for you as well. I'm sure this has been a tiring few days.

Joƫlle said...

Hi Colleen!

I hope Kyle's feeling better.

I understand the slowness of time passing while in surgery COMPLETELY. Jacques needed surgery when he was 6 months old and that whole waiting part was excruciating. I don't think I was ever happier than when I saw the doctor come out and say I could go see my baby in recovery. They look so pitiful when they wake up...

I'm hoping Kyle makes a speedy recovery and that the toughest part is now behind you all.

Take care!

P.S. Congratulations on the new Design Team selection! I wish you continued success!!!