Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Beautiful Morning

Just popping in to see if I can get a few more pics uploaded here. It's a gorgeous morning and I've got a coffee already, so things are pretty good. Kyle is eating his breakfast after waking me up. OK, so he had to say "Get up Mummy" more than a couple of times, but I'm up! I think I was in some really deep part of a dream when he came in this morning. Nathan is sitting in his chair playing with some toys. Basically, all is good for about 5 minutes!

The first three pictures here are of a picnic we went on this past weekend at a local park. We've managed to find all kinds of wonderful parks around here and, of course, we also have Burns Bog. We love walking around on the trails in there and would love to see more of them though the main thing is to protect the wildlife in the bog!

These two pictures of Nathan are of the day he rolled over recently! I just think they're quite funny - almost as if he's like "WOW! What did I do?!"

Well, the boys won't hold out any longer, so I'm off!

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