Friday, June 23, 2006

Birthday haircut

We've had a full day today! Seems like this morning was a couple of days ago! I even managed to get mum's birthday gift almost finished this evening! *No hints here!*

The other thing we managed to get in was a haircut for Kyle. After Kyle woke up from his nap, I got him and Nathan organized and into the car to go and meet George at the mall after he got off work. The funny thing was we pulled into the parking lot at almost exactly the same time and he ended up parking beside me!

We went into the hair place and it wasn't busy, so she took Kyle right away. She asked what we'd like, so I told her and she showed me about how long and I said good and ran off to the toy store. I wanted to pick up this bubble making hand held machine thing for Kyle's birthday. When I got back, I was a little surprised because it was shorter than she had shown me. George wasn't bothered though and it does look cute - just short. I think part of it is that he always looks so much older to me after a haircut too! I also think he looks like Kevin and John now (the twins - our nephews).

Better go put the big boy to bed!

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