Friday, June 23, 2006

Proud Auntie!

Kyle, Nathan and I got over to see Tracy and Sophia this morning. Poor Sophia has the cold that the rest of us have, so I hope it doesn't get too much worse for her (and Tracy's) sake. We watched "Winner" (aka The Price is Right) because Kyle is currently IN LOVE with game shows. Then we got out for a walk on this gorgeous day before heading home for lunch and naps.

Tracy also kindly gave me some pictures while I was there and I had asked her for a couple of Sophia and I when she was in the hospital. After getting the boys in bed, I quickly went and added the pictures to a layout that I had already started and then did the journaling for it. So cute! I get scrap in pink with flowers for a change!

Better go do a few things before the boys wake up since we're off to meet George in Richmond after work. Kyle really needs to get his hair cut and we'd like him to look less like a shaggy dog for pictures of his birthday party on Sunday! We're going to meet George at the mall, so I have some help if Kyle decides he's not happy about the electric razor and Nathan isn't very happy for some reason!


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