Friday, June 23, 2006

Wiggley Morning already

Kyle is sitting here beside me this morning looking through the box that arrived yesterday for his birthday. I NEVER order online, but I made an exception for this box since we couldn't find anything in a Wiggles theme that he wanted for his birthday. The key thing was something to put on a cake and when I decided to order that, then I added a few other things too! He got party hats, plates, cups, napkins, stickers, and the cake topper. Yeah, I know, just a few things.

I was a little worried when it hadn't shown up on Wednesday and was going to call the company if it didn't show up yesterday, but it most certainly did and it made both Kyle and I happy! George now has something to put on the cake he's going to make! Save paying the outrageous price for a kid's cake and Kyle can have the fun of helping too!

We had another nice evening out at the park last night. George has taken the afternoon off since he had a dentist appointment in the afternoon. As Trace and I were walking back to the house with the kids in the morning after being at the park, George drove by on his way to the dentist and honked and waved. Kyle was soooooo upset that he didn't actually get to see George that I think he cried for about 15 minutes. I told Kyle that Daddy would take him to the park after dinner and since Nathan was up and it as so nice, we all decided to go up to the school. There were two little girls up there, so Kyle had lots of fun following them around though I don't know how much they liked it! George tried the kite again (another kite that he and Kyle went and got tonight), but the wind wasn't cooperating again.

I got some scrapping done again in the afternoon while the boys napped. Here is one of the two "works of art" that I created! I love this pictures and it sure doesn't seem that long ago, but Kyle sure looks different!

Better be off and go do a few things other than enjoy my coffee since Kyle has finished his breakfast!


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