Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Give Me Strength

This is a layout that I managed to finish yesterday for Kyle's scrapbook and it's all about the little things that he's doing to drive me crazy these days. I want him to know that while he really is a good boy, there were days when he tried to drive me around the bend. His scrapbook makes him look like such a shining star! And he is most of the time!

The journaling on the layout reads:

It's amazing that this shining little face can be the cause of so much frustration and irritation some days. I really can't complain because most of the time you're really good, but I have to say that the phase you're going through right now can drive me pretty much crazy some days. I think Daddy wonders what's happened when he comes home and I pretty much run to the kitchen to make dinner if only to get a few minutes to myself.

I know this is good for you in the sense that you're fighting for your independence and trying to find your own way. I'm sure this is all part of the development of your personality too, but it makes it hard some days. You're famous these days for "I SAID"... and then repeating whatever it is that you want at the top of your lungs now when you don't get what you want. I have absolutely no idea where you heard this as it's not something Daddy or I say, but you sure know how to use it. The only thing you haven't figured out yet is that not only does it not get you what you want, but you get in trouble for talking to us like that. I'm sure you'll figure it out soon enough.

You also have this thing now of repeating the same thing a hundred times. I could answer the same way 99 times and you'd ask again. It's to the point sometimes that my response is "I don't know", but that doesn't even stop you most of the time. Your favourite question to repeat is "Mummy, what that sound?". It might be a car, a door, music, whatever, but you want to know. The funny thing is that most of the time when you ask, I'm pretty sure you know what it is before you ask the question.

We often spend time with Auntie Tracy and Sophia these days. It's really nice to be off on maternity leave at the same time and be able to get together as much as we do. You're really not very happy though some days if I tell you we're not going to see them. There was one day last week that you were incessant about asking to see them. We were all sort of sick and I had decided that maybe since we weren't going to see them that it would be a good day to just relax at home, but by late morning, I had to get out of the house because you just wouldn't stop. We headed up to London Drugs which is in the direction of their place, so I guess you figured somehow that even though I had told you a million times we weren't going there that we were. You asked another thousand times on the way up and back about going over there. It was to the point that I just stopped answering you at all on the way back. I was ever so grateful that day that you still nap because we came home and ate and then you went to bed. I'm glad that you love your Auntie and Sophia, but that was one day I'd rathered you'd just not loved them quite so much!

You've also started pinching and hitting a bit. Now, I can honestly say that these aren't big things in my opinion and certainly nothing that I worry about in terms of you really hurting someone, but we're still trying to teach you that it's not OK. Sometimes, you want to just play drums on my knees for example and it's fine when you start, but it gets harder and harder to the point that it hurts. I don't know how many times I've had to say "Gentle" to you when you're playing with Nathan. You just get so excited playing sometimes that I think you forget. The pinching is very recent and you don't do it often, but it's almost like you're checking for a reaction when you do it. It's like you're watching my face as you pinch to see what I'll say or do. Mostly I want you to learn that these things aren't OK so that you don't do it to another kid and end up paying for it.

All of these things are just part of you growing up, but they certainly do make some days hard. The best part for me though is that no matter what happens during the day, when it's time for bed, I can cuddle up with you for a few minutes and we can sing songs and talk and you'll always give me a big hug and kiss.

No matter what you say or do, I love you ever so much and I hope you always know that...



Jenny Lilac said...

Wow this journaling is wonderful! I have a 3 yo and I can TOTALLY relate! I think it's great to include a touch of reality here and there in our scrapbooks - someday when they have their own they'll know we struggled too!

smkh1117 said...

Awesome LO! TFS!

Anonymous said...

Such a joy for a Nana to see updated photos of her sweet grandkids whenever she wants. Yes, I absolutely love your blog, Col..it keeps me (and grandpa) in touch with the kids (and you and George) and makes us feel connected to your family without being there (especially since we moved further away)....an insight into your lives. It's sure special to be a grandparent!!!