Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New pictures

OK, let's just say I'm swamped in pictures these days. Nathan is growing so quickly and Kyle is just plain funny all the time! I have more than enough to keep me busy scrapping for ages and that's fine by me!

I have to say that Kyle certainly makes me laugh these days, but there are days when I think "Give me strength!". He now has this habit of asking the same thing a hundred times and you could answer it the same way 99 times and he'd ask again! His favourite question these days seems to be "Mummy, what that sound?" and it's all the time let me tell you! His other favourite expression is "Just kidding". Like he starts to tell you something and then you ask something about it because you didn't understand and that's his response all the time.

The other thing Kyle does these days is "play guitar". He's very into music and loves to sing. When I was watching American Idol, he would pretend to rock out by sining into the drum stick he has. That same drumstick is used for a guitar that he plays all the time. Getting a birthday gift for him was easy - a kids guitar!

Anyway, thought I'd put up some new pictures as well. The first couple are just of my two boys sitting on the sofa.

Nathan was 5 months on the 13th and I take monthly pics, so this is one of those.

We had a nice evening! We're trying to "bribe" Kyle into trying new foods these days since he has his stnd-bys and that's about it. The deal is that if he tries whatever is on his plate (what we're eating!), then we'll go up to the local park for a bit after dinner and it seems to be working. Got some vegetables he hasn't tried and rice in him. That's not saying he'll like them right away, but he won't even know unless he tries!

Anyway, we all went up to the park and had a nice time! George took the kite, but there wasn't enough of a breeze tonight. Kyle was busy with his bucket and shovel in the sand. Nathan and I sat under a tree and played. Enjoyable!

I'll see if I can add a few more later since this thing doesn't seem to be liking me this evening!!

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