Saturday, December 23, 2006

2 More Sleeps!

It's pretty much time for me to get into bed for one of those sleeps, but I wanted to quickly show off our newest Santa picture - the one I didn't think I was going to get! As I mentioned before, the first time we went to the mall, I couldn't get a picture of both Kyle and Nathan because Kyle decided he didn't want anything to do with Santa after actually seeing him. Of course though, after we got Nathan's pictures back a couple of days later, he wanted to go. I kind of thought the same thing might happen, but no way! He was right in there.

I was a little worried because we met Tracy and Sophia at the mall and Sophia went first and cried and cried. I was wondering if that might put Kyle off, but it didn't. We got both the boys in there though I wouldn't say it was the best picture ever of them, I love it all the same!

It was another crazy day today. George and Kyle headed off to the Dr. at the clinic this morning because George was wondering if he was getting an ear infection with being all stuffed up for days on end and the pair of them have had a low grade fever for days. The Dr. gave George a nasal spray to try and help and said Kyle was fine for now, but if things got an worse, that he should get on an antibiotic. He wrote one out just in case that happened in the next couple of days.

After they got home, I went out and finished off a few little things like picking up the Santa picture, going to the liquor store, getting a few things at Save-0n and getting Nathan an ornament for his first Christmas. I was surprised that it didn't even take me an hour to do all that. I stopped and picked myself up some lunch and quickly got that in me, fed Nathan and headed off to work. I worked 1-6pm and then came home and picked up Kyle and went and did a couple more things. I needed Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee for Christmas morning (and the one near work was out of it!!) and I wanted something for dinner, so I popped into Save-On again for some quick Thai curry I could heat up. Delicious!

Spent the later part of the evening wrapping presents, but it's all done now! We didn't go crazy this year with gifts since mat leave doesn't leave tons of extra cash and the boys don't know any different anyway! We really cut down on family gifts this year too and it makes it much easier and less stressful! Not so hard on the pocketbook either, especially when none of us really need anything! I enjoyed the wrapping too really!

Well, better go get some sleep!

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