Friday, December 22, 2006

Busy Christmassy Day!!

What a fun day! We started with a bit of a sleep in - which in our house means getting up at 7am! We did our regular morning stuff and Nathan had a good nap before going out to meet Gina, Sam and Alex at the park to go on the Christmas train. We saw Santa, decorated reindeer antlers and made reindeer food all before even getting on the train. We had our little trip on the train and saw the decorations. I wasn't the same as when they did it in the evening with the lights, but the kids had fun! Then they played in the park for quite a while and Gina and I had a good chat. Always seems too long between visits these days!

We came home for lunch and naps and George got home a little early after a Christmas lunch for staff. He was tired since he's still sick as are Kyle and Nathan too, but at least they seem to be getting over their bugs I think. George didn't sleep well last night because he was so congested.

I headed out to try and get something for Kyle from Scott and Toni. I had seen it at one store, but they were out, so I was heading off to another. I was surprised the traffic wasn't too bad and the store wasn't even that crazy. I think half of the battle is your attitude about it though too! I found it - SCORE! He's going to absolutely love it!! Of course, when I got home, George said that both boys essentially woke up as I was going out the door!

We had dinner and got ready to go out to look at Christmas lights. We do this a lot this time of year and Kyle was excited! This one house has Santa there two nights before Christmas, so Kyle has his second Santa visit of the day! Nathan had a little visit too, but wasn't all that impressed to be honest! The tears started when Santa got close. We also saw a house where the tons of lights they had were connected to a computer that puts the lights to music! Quite the display and I can only imagine the amount of work!! A fun night!


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