Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Eve pictures

OK, I'm a little behind with my postings here, but I'm trying to get some more pics loaded! These are a few that Tracy sent me from her place on Christmas Eve. We got together there with mum and dad as well to do our annual Chinese food dinner which was good!
Things have changed though and dinner wasn't quite as relaxing this year! Kyle wasn't all that interested in the Chinese food being the picky eater he is so he had a peanut butter and jam sandwhich as well as his dinner. I had Sophia beside me in the exersaucer with Tracy o the other side. Nathan was supposed to nap during dinner, but cried for the first part until we realized he wasn't going to sleep and we got him up so he could worm around for the other half of dinner! We got him in the swing to keep him happy for a bit.
After dinner, Tracy and Brian ended up dumping Sophia in the bathna dn since Nathan hadn't napped and was cranky, we ended up going home pretty much right after dinner. Let's hope next year is a little calmer with the kids being a little older. Hmmm...mayeb not huh?!

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