Wednesday, December 06, 2006

We saw Santa!

Well, I'm procrastinating about finishing my Christmas cards and both the boys are napping, so I have a few minutes! We had a good morning and after Nathan's nap, I thought we'd head out to the mall. I needed some fruit for Nathan and wanted to go to Save-On anyway, so I made sure the kids were dressed OK in case we saw Santa and wanted to do pictures.

Well, we got there and Kyle was all excited and asked me about seeing Santa. However, once we actually saw him, Kyle didn't want anything to do with him. I decided just to get Nathan's picture done anyway since we were there and I figured he'd be OK. Well, we got one picture where he's sort of dazed and then he took a good look at Santa and started to cry, and that was the end of it. We got a picture anyway! We pick up the picture Friday, so I'll post it when we get it.

I told Kyle I wasn't going to make him sit with Santa and that maybe we could try another day if he wanted to. Nana (my mum) came with us last year and when I said maybe should could come with us again this year, he seemed to like that idea, so you never know! If it happens, great and if it doesn't, no biggie! His scrapbook will have a page about what happened with out the picture! I was actually surprised that George's parents got him to sit with St. Nicklaus the other day when they took him to Christmas party. I can't say he looks happy in the pictures, but he did sit with him.

Well, I guess Nathan will be up soon, so I should go and try and get a few things done. Think I might get some of my scrapbooking together to take to my interview tomorrow at the scrapbooking store just in case she's interested.


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