Sunday, December 24, 2006

Decorating the tree

Well, mum and dad had already been to the tree farm, but they invited us out to decorate this past week. Dad had done his job by the time we got there and the lights were on and then mum worked on her job of getting the garlands on. Then, we puttered with the ornaments and had fun playing. Kyle is still trying to get the hang (sorry, pun not intended) of putting the ornaments on and they end up on the floor about half the time, but we're working on it!
The kids were really good and Nathan and Sophia even managed to get nap in that day too I think. Nathan didn't go down very easily, but he did eventually. The three of the kids always have so much fun playing together as you can see in the pictures!
Kyle ended up staying at Nana and Grandpa's overnight for the first itme since they moved. Dad called after we made plans to come out and said he had to come back into town the next dat for a meeting, so he'd bring kyle back if it was OK if he stayed. I said no problem and I only wished I hadn't worked that night!
Sounds as if they had a great time! They went to see some Christmas lights in one of the parks that you drive through and apparently Kyle liked it so much he wanted to do it again and then asked in the morning again about going back! They went out for dinner at McDonald's of course so that Kyle could have his grilled cheese sandwich. They also checked out all the lights in their neighbourhood as well. Sounds like Kyle slept well and they made French toast in the morning and hung out. They said he was good (and he usually is!), so I hope so! Now they want him to come back and stay 2 days!

Our tree decorating pictures are on my 35mm camera, so I can't upload them yet! Oh the olden days of 35mm! The digital was full and I hadn't burnt the pics onto disc yet, so I got out my old camera. I sure do like it, but miss being able to see what the picture looks like right away!



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MommaKim said...

I love the cousins all in a heap!
How come you still look 20 and I look 40?????