Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!!

Well, the new year is almost upon us and it hasn't been the day I expected. We had a very long night last night with Nathan being sick and waking up all the time crying like he was in pain. I figured it was probably an ear infection, so we headed off to the Dr. first thing this morning. Not much of a wait at the clinic thankfully and we found out that my suspicions were right! He's now got some medicine and has been better off and on though is still grumpier and clingier than normal.

We managed to get our grocery shopping done this morning too since George started while the boys and I were at the clinic. We came home and had puttered a bit and then had some lunch. Kyle and I went to the park after lunch and got a walk and some fresh air. He seems to be getting much better these days after all of us being sick here recently! Came back from the park and Nathan was already in bed and Kyle went down for a nap too. George and I both puttered on the computer since we now have 2 after one of the guys he works with gave us another. It was a wonderful thing for him to do, but I think it was also so that George would be able to play computer games online with him (that he can't on our *^&%*^$# old computer!).

We've got Kyle's Cars movie in now and we've got the makings of a cheese fondue in the works. Nathan is going to bed shortly and we'll eat after that. Kyle's already eaten though he'll no doubt want a bit too. We're going to have a quiet night in tonight. I might even get a little scrapbooking in tonight depending on how things go!

Well, not exactly party night at our house, but we've got some bubbly to celebrate the new year assuming we make it that late! Happy New Year!

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Joelle said...

Glad to read we weren't the only ones celebrating in a low key way! We woke up yesterday morning to 30 cm of snow, so Kevin spent most of the morning digging us and our neighbours out with the snowblower. Jacques was fussy yesterday afternoon, which we chalked up to cabin fever, so we took him out for a beautiful moonlit New Year's Eve sled ride. After all that excitement, we rang in 2007 early, and were all asleep well before midnight! My how are life has changed - for the wonderful! ;)

Happy New Year, Colleen and family!