Saturday, December 16, 2006

Another crazy day!

Well, things certainly don't seem to be slowing down around here these days. We're lucky if we can find time to relax for a few minutes it seems. I managed to sleep until 8am this morning and that was "sleeping in"! Gone are those teenage days of sleeping until after 11!

I find that once we get up, we're pretty much on the go. We made waffles and got a few little things done. I went out for a drive in the truck since I had to take it to work. Just wanted to make sure I could remember how to drive a standard since it's been so long! Then it was time to start getting the boys ready to go to the Christmas party that the union at George's work was doing. I was supposed to go with them, but I was working this afternoon and couldn't go.

About 15 minutes after they left, I remembered that George had given me the key to the truck, but not the thing for the alarm. Theoretically, that was fine because I just wasn't going to set it, but then I remembered that it was already set! In a panic, I called George and he had to come back and just did a "drive-by" and turned it off! Good thing he wasn't at the party and I wasn't supposed to be heading off for work when I remembered!

As it was, I ended up being late for work last night though only by 4 minutes. I felt so bad because it was only my third night, but it was just one of those things. George got home late and then there was traffic. I called about 10 minutes before I was supposed to start to let them know and the manager was totally fine with it. I worked a few minutes late and all was good.

Work was pretty good today and a little busier for me because I was on the till most of the day. I'm slow, but I'm getting it. Just a different system from what I'm used to, but let's face it, the last time I worked retail was 1994!! The funny thing was that someone I used to work with at the clothing store all those years ago came into work today!

Came right home after work and helped George with the kids because not only did he have the boys, but he had Sophia (niece) too! Tracy and Brian went to a Christmas thing tonight and mum was going to watch Sophia, but she hasn't been feeling well and was worried about the snow in the forecast. George only had all three of them for about 45 minutes, but all was good when I got home. Then, it was feedings and bed for the little ones and George and Kyle went for a walk to see some lights. We put the tree up and George got the lights on and that's as far as we got with that. We haven't put it up before partly because we've been busy and partly because of Nathan getting into it!

Tomorrow is another busy one with brunch with Graham and Sarah (friends that are now living in the Northwest Territories) that are in town for a few days. Then, I have to work in the afternoon and we need to do some grocery shopping and we want to get the tree finished!

I'm hoping the weather holds for tomorrow and that there isn't any more snow overnight. We finally got rid of the remnants of that huge dump. Then there have been three bad storms this week with crazy wind and rain. So many people are without power! I feel sorry for all the guys that work for the power company as I don't imagine some of them have hardly been home for a week! Stanley Park has been closed for a couple of days and I think they said it'd be a couple more before they could say all the tress were OK and it was safe again. We got a bit of snow last night, but it didn't amount to much and they were calling for a little more tonight or maybe tomorrow. Hope it's just rain since I have to get to work and back.

Well, better go to bed since Tracy and Brian just picked up Sophia!

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