Monday, April 09, 2007

Change the Batteries...

So, we were all excited on Saturday to go and see the Vaisakhi celebrations not too far from here. We went last year to see how the birth of Sikhism is celebrated in this area and we were welcomed and had a wonderful day. We headed up there and when we got close after walking a fair distance, we saw a lot of people. We got out the camera and after turning it on, it said "Change the batteries". So, here we were at this wonderful celebration full of colour and I couldn't take any pictures. It about did me in!

We walked all through the area with all the festivities. I'm sure there were more people than last year. Either that or maybe we went a little later and it was busier as a result of that. There were more "shows" with dancing and music as well. We were also pleased to see more people of different ethnic backgrounds sharing in the celebration.

We also had some amazing food! People stand on the street and pass out food to you as you go by. Kyle and Nathan had some pizza and Kyle was lucky enough to get a bag of chips too. Before we left, George and I stopped for a free plate of curry, rice and naan! Sooooooo delicious!!

We popped by Tracy's afterwards since they were having one of Sophia's birthday parties! This was her second party of 3! Gotta love being one! Tracy and Brian had invited us along with a group of their friends and their kids as well. We didn't get there when it started, so we missed the egg hunt, but we made it in time to watch Sophia have her cake! Funny that she wasn't too interested and only ended up having a couple of bites. Maybe she'll take after her dad!

We headed home for a relaxing evening after all that! Busy, but fun day and nice to spend it all together!

I'll save the Easter goings-on for another post!


Jill said...

Sorry you didn't get any photos. Sounds like a good time anyway!

Yellow Fence said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Sorry to hear about the pictures. That always makes me sad!