Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Much too late...

OK, it's going on 11pm and we're in the second overtime of the game and I should have been in bed a very long time ago. It's just one of those things though where I'm afraid that someone'll score as soon as I turn off the TV! It's been a much more exciting game than anticipated and went into overtime all tied up at 4 a piece! Not bad for a series that was supposed to be low-scoring. Of course, I could have lived without Dallas scoring so many!!

I was supposed to be in bed ages ago because my allergies have been horrible this week. I actually thought I was getting a cold earlier in the week, but I then realized it was just really bad allergies. The problem is that it's been every day and they wear me out. I was going to meet a friend, Gina, for coffee tonight after I did my tutoring, but I was just too tired! Came home and flopped on the sofa. I didn't even manage to work on the scrapbooking layout that I started!

I love my Canucks, but I just can't stay up too much longer because I'm tired and the boys get up very early! I've also got Sophia tomorrow and I work the next 3 days!! Come on BLUE! Score!!


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