Thursday, April 12, 2007

Please help by sending a card...

I have now heard about this little boy through a few sources and I'm hoping there are some of you out there that'll want to help too.

This is a request to help an 8 year old boy with Leukemia. I'm hoping you'll read the letter below that was in Diane magazine, send a Card to Shane, and then spread the word about this little boy's wish to everyone you know. Here is the letter:

"I'm writing in regard to one of my member's nephews who has leukemia. He is going to be 8 on May 30th, and his only birthday request is to receive as many birthday cards as possible. We have headed up a project with local schools and our members to ask family and friends to send him a card. If you can highlight this in Diane, it would spread it worldwide and be amazing to a dying little boy.

His address is as follows:

Shane Bernier
PO Box 484
Lancaster, Ontario
Canada K0C 1N0

Let's work together to spread the message and help make a little boy's birthday brighter. Don't say, ya that is a great idea and then get busy with life and forget. Right now, at least get out an envelope and address it. Leave it where you will see it and remember to make or buy a card and send it to Shane."

Hope some of you'll help! I heard he was actually hoping to break the world record for the most cards and enter the Guinness Book or World Records. Let's help him do that!

This is a true story and can be checked out here:


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