Monday, April 02, 2007

Snow in April??

Yes, I know it's actually spring, but we had a couple of hours of snow this morning!! I don't remember having snow this late before! I remember a few years ago it snowed on Valentine's Day, but this is ridiculous! It was quite light and didn't last too long, but still surprising for us!

Kyle still had preschool this morning, so it took a little longer to get everyone ready to go since we had to bundle up and stay dry! Kyle got to wear his new Spiderman raincoat (which he got compliments on at school!!) and he was pretty excited about that as well as being able to use his new Diego umbrella! I got out the new rain cover I got for the double stroller and that worked well too! Not a perfect fit since my stroller is a little different shape than some, but everyone stayed warm and dry!

Had to laugh at Kyle once we got to school. We were waiting outside the class for the teachers to open the doors and he started counting backwards from ten to zero. I realized that he was hoping when he got to zero that the doors would open. He must have done this about 10 times before the door did actually open! He's loving school and can barely say bye to me before he runs off to sit in the circle! The nice thing is that he's always so glad to see me when I go to get him!

Not too much else going on around here. I worked both days this weekend after not working an evening shift all last week which is unusual on both accounts. I got called in early on Saturday because they were so busy and then there was a big sale on Sunday and we had people lined up before we were open! I really do enjoy getting out and working a bit and doing something fun too!

Came home last night to a house that I wouldn't exactly call clean, so I ended up working to resolve that little issue. I can't start a new week with a messy house! Drives me crazy. I didn't get everything done I wanted, but felt better after doing what I did manage to get done.

I did manage to get a little scrapping in on the weekend. I went to a crop at the store I work at on Friday night with a big group of girls from my mum's group. We had a good time, but I can't say I got a ton of scrapping done. I find that I can't finish layouts there because I can't take all my goodies (too much stuff!) and I have to journal at home when it's quiet! So, as a result, I have 5 layouts that need finishing! I left them and did this one on Saturday night with a couple of fairly recent pictures of the boys. Kyle is always asking me to take pictures of the two of them on the sofa! I can't tell you how many of these I have. I should do a little mini album of just those! It would be fun over a period of years!

Well, better go do a few things while all three kidlets are in bed. I don't think Kyle is sleeping, but I get him to lay down for a half hour for a rest and once in a while he's fall asleep - usually on preschool days!


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Vee said...

can't believe you had snow!!
dending some warm thoughts your way :)