Thursday, April 12, 2007

Gotta Love a WIN!!

WOW! OK, I'm not saying I want them all to be like that, but there's no doubt that trading for Luongo has made the Canucks season. I don't even know how someone stops 72 of 76 shots at home in a quadruple overtime game! The man is a machine. All I can say is Bertuzzi who??

It would have been nice if the Canucks had just tied it all up nicely in the third period when they were up by 2 goals, but at least they won because it would really suck to lose a game that long after leading the whole game!

Now the only thing is that they play again tomorrow night (Friday) and I work later in the evening. Might catch the first period and that's about it! No radio at work either. Might have to call George for updates or something!


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