Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Long One!

I survived my first day of looking after Sophia and working at the store. We had our usual crazy day around here with Brian dropping off Sophia about 7 this morning and then getting everyone fed and dressed to take Kyle to preschool. It was not too bad walking down there, but it poured when we went to pick him up. We've already gotten out money's worth out of the rain cover for the stroller!

Kyle had a great morning at school. They played in the "gym" or the old ice rink that now doesn't have any ice! They did some Easter stuff with bunny rabbits and they painted them. I think one of the paintings must have resulted in more of the "paint" being eaten than used for painting since it was pudding! They also used marshmallows and Cheerios on it for eyes and stuff! Very cute and Kyle gets really excited about showing everyone now.

We got home and had lunches and the little ones laid down. Kyle didn't want to nap, but he laid on the sofa with me for a bit. I just wanted to relax since I knew I had to go to work afterwards too. Tracy came and got Sophia at about 20 to 5 and George got home shortly after. I left the second he got home and got to work right on time pretty much! I think it'll be fine only having one car now as long as the traffic cooperates!

It wasn't too crazy busy at work, but it was steady. We also had lots of new stuff to put out, so my shift went fairly quickly actually. Tired now though, so it's off to bed for me. Tracy has the day off tomorrow, so I don't have Sophia. I have a play date scheduled too with Dana-lyn and her girls in the morning, so it'll be nice to see them again!


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