Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter!

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter. I had fun doing some Easter cards last night for the family we'll see this weekend for dinners. Nothing fancy, but I do love puttering with cards!

I was supposed to have yesterday off, but got called into work the night before. The manager had to make an extra trip to pick up stock and there's a scratch sale in the store, so they thought it might be busy. It was a good day at work though I only got to sleep until 7:30 yesterday morning, but even that's sleeping in in our house!

I had planned to have coffee with Dana-Lyn, but had to call and change those plans. Luckily though, we managed to get together in the evening after all the kids were in bed (since she has 2 as well!). We met at Starbucks and had a really good chat. She was sort of laughing at the drink I ordered though and it's a new one for me, but I call a "Princess" drink where it takes you 5 minutes to order: a grande, extra hot, decaf, non-fat with whip, half sweet Cinnamon Dolce Latte!! Now I do blame Tracy for this since it was her that introduced me to this drink! I swore I would never drink something like this, but I do occasionally now. I generally don't get Starbucks anyway since it's so expensive, but once in a while for a treat!

Today should be fun and we have a fair bit planned if all goes well. George is sleeping in right now and then later this morning, we're going to the Indian Festival celebrating the birth of Sikhism that we went to last year! It was a really great experience, so we're going to try again, especially since the weather is supposed to be great. After that, we're hoping to pop by Tracy's about 1pm for part of Sophia's birthday party since they're doing an Easter egg hunt. Then, it'll be home for naps again and maybe I can do some scrapping!

Well, gotta run for now, but hope to post some pictures again later!


Shell said...

super cute cards!

toners said...

Lovely cards :) Enjoy your weekend!

Jill said...

Yum on the starbucks - what's wrong with taking a half hour to order if you're going to be paying the same price as a cheap lunch for a cup of coffee?!?! I say, fair's fair!

Very cute cards!!!!!

Joƫlle said...

Love the cards, Colleen!