Friday, February 27, 2009

Beautiful Cold and Sunny Winter Day!

So it wasn't the warmest day when I went to take Kyle to school this morning, but it did warm up a little by lunch. The boys still needed hats and mittens though!

I was standing in the kitchen after dropping Kyle off at school and getting myself another cup of coffee when I saw this out the window and knew it had to be my picture for today though when I got out there I found another too...

The sand bucket in the snow with the sun shining on it just seemed so funny! And then, of course, the abandoned dump truck in the snow too! Cute!

Nathan walked this morning to school and back and we even went a little early when we were picking Kyle up so he could play a bit. The boys all played a little once school was done too and we came home for lunch, Nathan's nap, some class prep for me and a generally pretty quiet afternoon. I'd better go get myself ready for work though now since I should also put some dinner on before George gets home!


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