Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Long day!

Well, I just got the boys in bed and am waiting for George to get home. He was up early and out of the house shortly after 5am for a conference thing in Victoria at Butchart Gardens. He called a little over an hour ago saying he'd be on the 7pm ferry back.

Trace brought Sophia over this morning and we had a little chat. She kindly took Kyle up to school so I laid Matthew down for a nap here. They went to Matthew's doctor's appt after he woke up and I went and took the kids up to get Kyle. Lunches, naps and nothing really out of the ordinary this afternoon.

A strange evening without George around though... It all just sort of melted together! Makes me sure appreciate having him here to help with the boys and to spend time with! I'm going to go watch a little American Idol and prep for my class tomorrow night!



noeliaevangelista said...

I have some of those long days from time to time when Dan is out of town and when he's back I am sooo appreciative of all he does to help out around the house. Glad you survived the day!

Tracy said...

Glad you survived your long day! Makes you wonder how single parents do it, huh?