Monday, February 09, 2009

Project 365 Catch-up!

Just a quick post with some catch-up on my daily pictures! The first one is my favourite knife and cutting something that the kids eat every day around here! And thankfully, lately at least, that apple a day seems to be keeping the doctor away too!

This is Kyle's favourite pose when he plays on the computer, so George actually took this one yesterday. Of course, what I saw when I looked at this was the pjs on the floor and the cup and plate on the table! hee hee

The boys found another toy though it wasn't anything we paid for of course! We got a new composting box for the backyard and it came in this cardboard box that the boys played in all morning. Kyle had been in the box and kicked his leg out and Nathan started laughing hysterically. The next picture I took was Nathan trying to shove his foot back in the box!

Well, another episode of the Bachelor tonight and it was an interesting one. The girl I thought might go home, Molly, didn't though he sent home the one that I think was the youngest thinking she wasn't ready. Next week should be a good one with romantic dates in New Zealand and the girl that rejected him on the last Bachelorette, Deanna, showing up!


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