Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A sick day...

So we had Kyle's first official sick day where I had to call the school and let them know he wasn't coming. Even the woman in the office asked if he was sick when I said he wouldn't be there since she said they never see his name. I told her he was and that it was his first absence! I think I jinxed him because his teacher and I were talking about attendance on Monday and she was saying he was the only one left in class with perfect attendance.

Now my little monkey LOVES school! He was quite upset when I first told him I didn't think he should go and at one point just said, "No! I'm going!". I finally talked him into staying home by telling him we'd find him some printing practice on the computer that we could print and he could still do some work like he would be doing at school. He was really excited about some of the stuff I found - so much so that he's not even eating his lunch!

He's just about off here for a nap and I'm going to do a few things and watch Young and The Restless while I putter! Wish I had something creative to share today, but with trying to get rid of this bugs and the boys being sick, I've had no energy and sleep whenever humanly possible.

Speaking of sleeping though, the boys were up really early this morning again (5:30am), but seemed not too bad. They played and hung out though Nathan was a little whiny off and on. Around 11am, he wanted to sit on the sofa and cuddle, so I did, but about 2 minutes later, he was sound asleep in my lap!! Don't think that's ever happened before! Laid him in bed and he's still there though I'm going to have to wake him shortly if he's ever going to sleep tonight! Crazy!

Well, I'd better get a move on and I might nap for a half hour too since I'm teaching tonight!


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Topher said...

He looks so diligent and obviously is going to be a future executive!!!

Currently there is an ad campaign in New York about kids missing 7 million days of school per year because of second hand smoke- Gross!

Not that that has anything to do with your story- but man 7 million days!

Enjoy your nap time!

StampinCathy said...

Hope tomorrow will be better then today.

Tammy said...

How lucky you are that he enjoys school! Hopefully it will continue as he gets older!!

GinniG said...

What a great close-up pic of him doing his work! My Noah's like that too and doesn't understand why he can't go to school on the weekends. :) Hope you're all feeling better really soon Colleen!

Nathalie said...

Hope your little guy is feeling better today... my oldest boy would go to school even when he is sick if I let him! :)

Anonymous said...

Schools here regulate so strongly that it seems they want your kids in school no matter how sick they might be!


lisa said...

awww poor little guy hope he feels better soon. It seems everyone is catching this nasty cold. At least he was content that you found him some printing practice to do...very unusaul for kids