Monday, March 02, 2009

Good news kinda day!

So yesterday we got a couple of bits of not so fab news...
- our neighbour said they were having water come up in their yard and since the water lines for their house and ours run parallel, he didn't know if it was theirs or ours that had the problem
- our TV also blew up!

Now, today was a different story!
- found out the water issue isn't ours (*though sorry for our wonderful neighbours too)
- went out to look at getting a new cell phone and came home with a 40" TV!

What a difference a day makes!

Oh and before I go, can I just comment on The Bachelor for those of you that have been watching. Now, I was quite excited when I saw that Jason was the Bachelor this season, but with that ending tonight, all I can think is "what a putz"! I know he said "live in the moment with no regrets", blah blah blah, and I admit that I don't know what's happened between he and Melissa, but he doesn't seem like he was working at their relationship that hard after actually proposing to her. And then he dumps her on TV?? I hope that was staged and not the actual dumping. Putz!

Anyway, better get to bed!

PS Went for my massage today and the headache is better though not 100% gone...


Darlene said...

TV blew up last week! We got a 42 incher....LOVE it.

Yay for a better day ~

Jennifer said...

I was excited to get to see Jason get a chance to find love but really did he have to do that to her on T.V.

And congrats on the new TV.Enjoy it!

Kim said...

congrats on the new TV! we need for ours to blow up. :)