Saturday, March 07, 2009

New Printer!

Not too much exciting going on today since I actually worked all afternoon. Had a slightly slower start to the day and got a few things done at home before heading off to work Stopped for a couple of errands on my way and then worked 1-6:30pm. I'm learning how to close too, so that's something new to learn.

On my way home, I stopped and looked at getting a new printer. The one we have doesn't owe us anything by any means and something in it just won't print cleanly anymore. I talked to George about getting a new one since I made some money teaching the other night and we decided to put that towards a new printer. As with everything, it was a little more than I had planned, but I'm happy with the new Canon PIXMA MP620 we got and love that I can just plug my card from my camera in it! I don't print all my pictures from home, but some for sure, especially in irregular sizes. George started to hook it up tonight, but it was more work than he thought, so tomorrow!

I also stopped and got Indian food for dinner since it was right next door to where I wanted to look for the printer. Went in and ordered my dinner first, went and got the printer and dinner was done! Awesome too!

Need to get to bed since I have ANOTHER headache here tonight... Every time I think it's gone, it seems to come back!



Lucy Chesna said...

congrats on the new printer

(((Hugs)) about yoru headache. I hope today is abetter day for you

Tracy said...

Wow you guys are just spending money all over the place these days!

Theresa said...

Sorry about the headache but cool about getting a new printer